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Create a secure and secret area on your Android device


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Phantom.me is an app that lets you create a secure and secret space on your Android device, that only you can access. The only way to access the app is to introduce a secret code into the telephone dial menu found on all smartphones.

The first thing you'll notice after installing Phantom.me is that there is no icon or direct access to the app on your Android device. Once you've chosen your secret master password between six and fourteen characters, the only way to open it is to enter that number into the telephone dial.

Upon entering the key, Phantom.me will appear before your eyes. Inside, you'll find a camera, gallery, web browser, and instant messaging tool. All of these are native and independent of any of the other apps on your device. Of course, the chat function only works with other users of Phantom.me, but there is a conveniently placed button to send invites to your contacts.

Phantom.me is a very interesting app that lets you have a totally secret space within your Android device. To gain access to its many features you have to pay a monthly subscription fee, but the first month is free, and it's easy to cancel if you decide it isn't for you.
Gain privacy on your smartphone with the Phantom.me app

Online privacy is one of the most demanded features by users of the web. That's why there is a huge outcry, and rightfully so, when apps use our data without telling us and many people are turning to anonymous web browsers. It's only natural that this results in the appearance of apps like Phantom.me, a tool that puts a new spin on the concept of privacy by creating a safe and private space on your smartphone from which you can browse the web, chat, or view your photos without anyone knowing.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher